Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Raining heart

Tonight I was supposed to be going out with the girls. Yeah! Girls night out! Tapi baru je nak keluar tiba-tiba hujan la plak! Mama memang tak pernah bagi Tasya keluar kalau hujan. Sayang sangat kot? Hehe.. Love you mama!!


So I think I just have to postponed the night with you girls. Sit back here at home with my mummy.


Suddenly mummy have to go out for something emergency! Her job is really something that makes me sad.


Because right now I am all alone at home. Harap-harap tak ada apa-apa jadi macam dalam filem Home alone tu. Huhu..

funny gifs

Relax Tasya. Nothing bad is going to happen. It's just the raining sound out there. You will be just fine. Huhu..

In times like this, I usually try to think that it's raining heart outside. Awww... So sweet..

Wait a minute? That's not the rain?

Haa that's more like it. But that person is so horrible right?

Okay! This one! This is what i thought. Err.. I think.. Hehe..

Don't you just love when it's raining? It's so romantic. And scary. Hehe..



mira ellyna said...

sayang kan ade..

Amirul Faiz said...

syg i kn ade...hehehe..slm knl2..

Tasya Eryna said...

hye guys. nice to meet you both and thanx temankan tasya.. hehe..